wearing an identity

Esemplare was inspired by the desire to forge a new path in fashion, devoted to those who, day after day, travel countless roads physically and mentally, but always in utter freedom. It is this sense of freedom that has inspired the collection: those who dress Esemplare do it effortlessly, considering it so much a part of their identity that it almost becomes a second nature. As a result, no two garments are truly the same, because they acquire the personality of those who wear them. They become something new each time, bearing an ever-changing messages.

tradition, innovation, experience

In an era marked by the standardization of production processes, “quality” is not a term to be used lightly: it has to do with values such as tradition, handcraftsmanship, respect and an eye for detail. These have become rare values today, but that is precisely why they are a vital part of what makes a garment truly “exemplary”.

With this approach to production, which focuses above all on quality, the revival of tradition goes through state-of-the-art technology and emerges all that much stronger, more up to date and better able to face changing times naturally. That’s why every creation bearing the “esemplare″ label boasts simple but sophisticated lines, choice of exclusive materials and exquisitely crafted finishes. Most importantly, however, it reflects the passion of the people who made it.


Pattern Srl takes its name from the company’s heritage and core business: garment patterns, as these represent the birth of a wearable item. Our company is a typical Italian privately owned business where the passion for style and beauty is transformed into premium design and exemplary garments manufactured through the use of our exclusive know-how and the latest technology.

The Esemplare collection is designed and engineered in our factory’s laboratories.
Pattern, manages better than anybody else to transform the idea of the best designers in an authentic, genuine, unique products.